This section will give you an idea of what type of information is helpful to send in your emails, for show listings and audition postings.  Keep in mind, the more information you give us, the more we can put out there for the public!


General Info:
  • Name of the company (the name of your group)
  • Name of the show
  • Dates/times of the show
  • Venue – where the show is being performed if different than the name of your company
  • Address of Venue
  • Town of Venue
  • Zip code of venue
  • Type of Production (comedy, musical, drama, etc)
  • Author
Contact Info:
  • Phone number 
  • Website
  • Email address
Ticket Information:
  • Admission Cost
  • URL if online tickets are available
  • How to reserve tickets
Production Crew:
  • Producer
  • Artistic Director
  • Director
  • Asst Director
  • Musical Director
  • Choreographer
  • Stage Manager
Details of the show:
  • Description
  • Cast List – as descriptive as you can!


General information:
  • Audition Category – scheduled or emergency
  • Audition Dates
  • Call-back Dates
  • Rehearsal Dates
  • Any instructions you want people to know i.e. Prepare 32 bars of a musical theatre song. This is a rock musical and your audition piece should reflect this style. You may sing from the show. You may be asked to stay and sing a portion of one of the songs listed in the character descriptions. Be familiar with them before auditioning.
  • Who to contact in case of questions
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • How to submit media submissions (if applicable)
  • i.e.  Mandatory attendance is required for all performances and all rehearsals during tech week, Monday, February 12, through Thursday, February 15, 2018. If you are interested in working backstage, please let us know what you would be interested in working on.
Audition Roles:
  • Character Name
  • Gender
  • Age Min
  • Age Max
  • Description
  • Requirements – requirement of performer auditioning for the part (if applicable)
  • Songs to know – Song(s) the performer should be able to sing (if applicable)